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335 Water Street
Gardiner, ME 04345
(207) 582-3333

1 Main Street
Castine, ME 04421
(207) 326-4442

3 Main Street
Blue Hill, ME 04614
(207) 374-2227

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SaraSara's Story
Do What You Love and All Else Will Follow

As a little girl, Sara’s summer pastime was setting up sales of all-the-things-that-a-little-girl-finds-enchanting on her front lawn. She sold items to passers-by from her grandmother’s porch while daydreaming about owning her own shop when she joined the world of adults. And it wouldn’t be just any shop – Sara’s shop would be a warm, welcoming place filled with sumptuous styles where everyone would feel be-friended and beautiful.

The adults in little girl Sara’s world often began their comments on her flights of fancy with “Sara, Sara, Sara...” and went on to tell her that her imagination had, once again, run off in all directions.

But Sara is nothing if not persistent, and a few years ago the dream of owning her own store – a place enchanting and filled with treasures, welcoming and warm, rich with style and service – became a reality.

Today there are three SaraSara's locations, two on the coast of Maine in Blue Hill and Castine and one in near the capital in Gardiner. We’ll let you know what Sara decides to do next!

Watch our blog for information on our newest treasures and styles. Follow us on Facebook for daily words of wisdom on beauty inside and out, pictures of the happenings at SaraSara’s and sneak peeks at what just came through the door.

Best of all, come in and visit with us. You’ll find your style inside, and we can’t wait to meet you in all of your own unique beauty!